Michelle Pia Alberti. Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist


       Dr.Michelle Pia Alberti received her Ph.D in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has been in private practice in Cherry Hill NJ for over 18 years.  Dr Alberti tends to view each client as their own individual  person with strengths and weaknesses.  Her style is very didactic and engaging in order to actively help her clients find other styles of coping to use in  their lives. Her work very often focuses on helping individuals become the best that they can be ,whether it is in their relationship with themselves, others- meaning marriage and family, friendships or in

their work life. For many years in the university setting , Dr. Alberti


helping to become The best you can be!

focused on adolescents specializing in eating disorders, date rape, relationships issues, anxiety and depression.  While in private practice she has focused more on relationships and developing healthy  coping skills related to substance abuse, eating disorders, dating, stress,  she work across the age span including children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

    She spends most of her working hours in  her private practice but also has for many years of  experience presenting workshops and seminars on stress management, eatings disorders, date rape , accepting  responsibility for oneself and many others. The presentations are for community centers, high schools and other private interest groups.

      Dr. Alberti has also developed her own internet podcast radio show focusing on issues that women talk about everyday.  The name of the show is Straight Talk with Dr. Michelle and she is the host along with other guests that can relate to certain issues.  Some of the topics include and are all encompassing focusing on parenting, marriage and relationships, self esteem and confidence, dealing with life stressors, such as work, family, elders, in-laws, friends. etc. Her shows are all pre-recorded and listed as current and in her archives.